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  1. Marin

    Seen at Newcastle Quay in 1968 the cracking little Swedish coaster Marin was on a regular service to The Tyne. Owned by Kihlberg Rederiana she was built 1967 and was 499 gr tons.
  2. Marin

    Swedish m/v MARIN, imo 6700925/ 73,4m/ 1.338gt/ 13kn; 01/1967 completed by Falkenbergs Varv, Falkenberg, SWE, for Gota Svensson Textil A/B, Gothenburg; 1874 NOGI, Nils H, A. Carlsson PR, Hullevik, SWE; 1979 vili, Starfish Shipping Ltd., Nukualofa, TON; 24/02/1987 arrived Tienjin for breaking up...
  3. MARIN

    M/S Marin. At anchor Lexioes. Portugal.
  4. Marin, Spain.

    Marin, Spain 30th October 2006.
1-5 of 5 Results