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    KÖHLBRAND (phantasyname) near Rendsburg in April 2018. Videolink: 1955 Holst,Hamburg-Neuenfelde/196 - IMO5429500 GT 428 TDW 630 MaK, 221 kW, 9 kn; HEDWIG LÜNSTEDT-63, Johannes u. Werner Lünstedt, Lühe, D; Windrose-87, PR, Wolter & Co...
  2. Maritime Family History Research
    Hello all, I wondered if someone could help or point me in the right direction of where to look for some more information on where my Grandad served. He served with the Royal marine engineers as a diver. I have his service record but the only ships mentioned (and therefore giving a clue to where...
  3. Laid up!

    Two Germans laid up at the bouy. GUDRUN II - imo8611958 KÖHLBRAND (phantasyname --> Original WINDROSE) - imo5429500
  4. Rade anchorage

    Rade anchorage 17/08/18. GUDRUN II - imo8611958 and KÖHLBRAND (original WINDROSE) - imo5429500
  5. Rade anchorage

    Rade anchorage 17/08/18. GUDRUN II - imo8611958 and KÖHLBRAND (phantasyname --> Original WINDROSE) - imo5429500
  6. HMS Albion

    The Royal Navy's flagship, HMS Albion, alongside at Liverpool.
  7. Tamaroa Officers 1954 - 1955

    From the voyage souvenir program
  8. A.I.V.E spring regatta'

    A.I.V.E is the 'Associazione Italiana vele d'epoca. This watercolor on a sea chart, is part of a private collection in Italy.
  9. Cambrook

    After big bang off Rotterdam she was towed to Ipswich first to discharge the cargo and to Dordrecht later on for main engine re-fit. As we have had time she has got from the crew nice make up. After repairs we took inland route to Flushing.
  10. Cambrook

    I have been waiting for her in Flushing. Joining for the first time in July 1997. It wasn't impressed view. The only nice thing it was the owners logo, similar to my initials. She belongs to Civil Marine that time. Later I sailed on this ship for almost 5 years and visiting Ipswich, Medway...
  11. Anglian Princess

    26-11-2009 Falmouth - a short call to pick up stores
  12. Anglian Princess

    She has been seen for a short while in Falmouth Harbour on 26-11-2009
1-14 of 15 Results