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    Miss Liberty is just visible on the left.
  2. Marit Maersk

    Marit Maersk built in 1956 7136 grt 539 X64 feet (Some were lengthened by 40 feetabout 1966) 17 knots motor driven by B&W Sisters: Liga; Leda; Lexa; Luna; Effiee. Some scrapped from the Maersk fleet in 1980 Photo taken as the Nina Bowater stood by a 'sinking' fishing boat that was still...
  3. Marit Maersk

    Kowloon International Terminal, Hong Kong. May 1972.
  4. Marit Maersk

    Kowloon International terminal, Hong Kong. May 1972.
1-4 of 4 Results