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  1. Marocco

    Italian m/v MARROCO, imo 5192638/ 83,2m/ 1.163gt/ 11,5kn; 09/1953 completed by Norrkopings Varv, Norrkopping, as KONG INGE for Det Sondenfjelds Norske D/S, Oslo; 1967 MARROCO, Medov Lines SpA, Genoa; 1970 MEDOV MORROCO, Medov Lines SpA, Genoa; 1974 KATERINA K, M, Kensseoglou & E. Pitsilades...
  2. MS Athos

    MS Athos 1968 Marocco.
  3. Marocco

    MAROCCO 1936 1641 tgr United S.S.Co Den
  4. Aine I

    Aine I seen in Skagen (Denmark) 10.10.2007. She's a former irish pelegic trawler registered in Marocco.
  5. Neptune I

    This is the former irish trawler "Neptune" seen in Skagen, Denmark. Now she's called "Neptune I" having the Marocco flag in the stern
  6. Marocco

    Grimsby Royal Dock about 1952 Marocco was the regular "Butter and Bacon boat" from Denmark. In the background can be seen the Blackwall Point, collier for C.E.G.B.
1-6 of 6 Results