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  1. Martinistad

    The Dutch owned Martinistad 500 grt. built 1958. Seen at Bristol 24 November 1962 discharging Wine and General Cargo from Leixoes
  2. Martinistad

    The Dutch m/v MARTINISTAD, 53,25m/499gt/9,5kn; 09/01/1958 completed by J. Bijholt, Foxhol, for Dirk Kooman e.a. (Kantoor Wagenborg) Dordrecht; 1971 DOLPHIN G, West Wales Steamship Co. Ltd, Newport; 1973 DOLPHIN CITY, City of London Tankers, Ltd., Newport; 1974 HOOTERN, as above; 1976 RIVER TAW...
1-2 of 2 Results