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  1. Masirah

    Brocklebank Line Seen on the Thames Estuary in May 1964. For details see here: Can anyone identify the tug and/or the coaster laying alongside her?
  2. SS Eletric - Grounded on Masirah island, Oman.

    Photograph was taken by a friend, Kevin Patience, in 1968 while he was on a detachment with 39 Sqdn (Canberra PR aircraft) from RAF Luqa, Malta. When I was there in July 68 to Oct 69 the mid section fell away leaving just the fore and aft sections. Kevin returned, on a Nimrod from RAF St...
  3. Maiden voyage

    Masirah (2)- T & J Brocklebanks Port Said for the first time outward bound on Maiden voyage 1957
  4. Masirah Trincomalee

    Trincomalee outward bound, which was slightly unusual. We were there in June 1960.
  5. Indian Ocen Sunset

    Masirah Indian Ocean July 1960. On of the many.
  6. 2nd Mates new run about

    Masirah at Aden 23rd Nov 1960. One of the six Centurion tanks loaded in Southampton with our 2nd Mate in possession. A great shipmate whose name I have forgotten, help gratefully received. This was only the second time we had played with the heavy derrick so had lots of fun, we had...
  7. Chalna Christmas

    Masirah at Chalna 25 Dec 1960. Christmas morning, you could be forgiven for thinking there had been a heavy snow fall over night. In reality it was a low mist but nevertheless very effective.
  8. Military Goodys for Aden

    Masirah at Aden 23 nov 60. Centurion Tank goes over the side, one of six loaded in Southampton. My memory serves me correctly we had six, four in the lower hold and two in the tween deck.
  9. Masirah

    Another shot of the stern of Masirah laid up in Greece 1983. Shows name painted out etc.
  10. Masirah

    Masirah laid up in Elevsis, Greece, April 1983. Her name had been changed to "Masir" and re-registered in Gibraltar.
  11. Masirah

    Alongside Norfolk Virginia autumn 1960. We arrived shortly before Hurricane Donna. As we came in so the US Navy left to ride out the storm at sea. We had every bit of string out so that we did not go walkies. The dock disappeared unde several feet of tide as the hurricanr passed the eye going...
  12. Masirah

    Masirah (1956) Brocklebank's, at Gan Island (Maldives)29 nov 1960 discharging RAF stores.
1-12 of 12 Results