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  1. Matai


    NZ Govt ship 'Matai' at Milford Sound. Looks more like a yacht in this pic. Matai Built: 1930 Hawthorn Leslie, Hebburn Tonnage: 1,050grt Owners: NZ Govt 1963: Sold to G.Zee, Hongkong, r/n 'Zetai Star' 1965: Broken up, Hongkong.
  2. Matai


    Matai was built for the NZ Government, finding use as a lighthouse tender, cable-layer and latterly as a Foveaux Strait ferry, between Bluff and Stewart Island. I remember doing the Stewart Island voyage in 1961 as part of a 9 day school trip. It was blowing a gale, normal for Foveaux Strait, and I