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    HAWAIIAN CITIZEN IMO 5144538 Type C3-S-A2 1944 completed by Western Pipe & Steel Co., San Francisco, CA 7.901GRT, 12.552tdw, 9.320shp 2steam turbines geared to sc. shaft General Electric, 17kn 1944 SEA WREN 1947 HAWAIIAN CITIZEN (Matson Navigation) 19...? rebuilt to container...

    HAWAIIAN WHOLESALER IMO 5378141 1945 completed by Ingalls Shipbuilding Corp., Pascagoula 7.870GRT, 12.152 tdw, 9.350shp 2 steam turbines geared to sc. shaft General Electric Co.,Lynn, 17kn Type C3-S-A2, 59 ships built by Ingalls 1945 APA 116 "HANNOVER" (Attack Transport) 1947...
  3. Honolulu

    Sunrise, Honolulu Harbor, 1959. A Liberty class ship and a Matson Lines C3 at the dock. Matson had many C3s in service in the period after WWII. Their cargo ships all had names in the form: 'Hawaiian [Rancher, Trader, Planter etc.]'. That's the Aloha Tower at the Matson Dock on the right.
  4. Lurline

    Container/RO-RO combination.
  5. Matsonia

    Container/RO-RO combination.
  6. Haleakala crane

    Crane on the container barge HALEAKALA.
  7. Waialeale

    RO-RO barge.
  8. Haleakala

    Container barge, sister to MAUNA LOA (pic posted earlier).
  9. Mauna Loa

    Container barge MAUNA LOA being turned by tug (not visible).
  10. Mokihana

    MOKIHANA arriving.
  11. Manoa

    Matson's MANOA.
  12. Mahimahi

    Matson's MAHIMAHI.
  13. Matson Navigation Company - Honolulu Harbor

    Approaching Matson's Sand Island facility. Taken from MOKIHANA.
  14. Mokihana

    Matson's MOKIHANA. Interesting container/RO-RO combination. Great crew!
  15. Manukai

1-20 of 21 Results