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  1. Mauretania

    Painting done by Frank H. Mason for use as a Cunard poster in 1939. I think he should have lowered the ship a little beneath the horizon, it looks a bit like a sinking stage background tapestry that which is ahead of the bow. But compared to what the average Montague Dawson clipper parades...
  2. Mauretania

    Mauretania in WW1

    Mauretania in her white livery.

    On 3rd June 1965 she should depart for a cruise to the North Cape. Was this her last trip, apart for her final voyage to the breakers?
  5. Mauretania

    The Mauretania is shown under escort in the Western Approaches as she heads for the French Port of Brest in 1918. Burnell Poole’s painting gives an accurate and detailed view of the ship as she appeared while camouflaged for transport duty during World War 1. Even in moderate swells, the...
  6. Mauretania

    According to the guy I purchased this picture from, the image shows the new Mauretania leaving her builders yard of Cammell Laird in Birkenhead, England in late May, 1939. Her career would just get started, when the Second World War would break out and change the course of her life.
  7. Mauretania

    Mauretania arrived at Rosyth on the evening of 4 July, 1935. The piper seen in this image was there to greet her as the ship was tied up alongside the river side of Metal Industries large dry dock. He would play the lament “Flowers of the Forest”, and was photographed while doing so in a...
  8. Mauretania

    Mauretania makes her first call at the Port of Fishguard on 30 August, 1909.


    Four ladies of the sea (and a small yacht). From left: HOMERIC, MAURETANIA, COLUMBUS and EMPRESS OF BRITAIN.

    Brand new MAURETANIA in London docks.
  12. Liners in New York

    A fine group of liners seen together in New York on 3 January, 1961.

    Just arrived this photo from friend Bill Miller in NY and told him Ships Nostalgia would enjoy this one! Mauretania arriving Manhattan c. 1960. Taken from the Terrace Sun Deck of Queen Elizabeth. Looks like Elizabeth has just arrived as well. Boat Drill (crew drill). The caption from...

    Mauretania at Landing Stage, Liverpool. Name: RMS Mauretania Owner: 1906–1934: Cunard Line, 1934–1935: Cunard White Star Line Operator: Cunard Line Port of registry: United Kingdom Liverpool Route: Southampton–Cobh–New York City Ordered: 1904 Builder: Swan Hunter, Northumberland, United...
  15. Mauretania

    This shot of the Mauretania was taken at Southampton in the mid-1920’s. Because of an absence of any of the larger ships of the time, it’s also kind of a deceiving picture in that the liner looks exceptionally large for a 31,000 ton ship. She towers over everything else in sight except for the...

    One of a series of Cunard ads from the 1950's featuring artwork by master marine artist Carl Evers.
  17. Three Cunarders

    This picture was taken on 9 January, 1950, and it shows the Queen Elizabeth heading over to the King George V graving dock. The Aquitania, seen on the left, had just been withdrawn from active service by Cunard less than a month before this picture was taken. The second Mauretania, partially...
  18. Mauretania

    Fine bow view of the Mauretania taken at Southampton in July, 1932.
  19. Mauretania

    Mauretania rests at Southampton in June, 1929, just two months before she would lose her long held title as the Atlantic Champion.
  20. Mauretania

    Cunard Line Lying opposite the Queen Mary in the Ocean Dock at Southampton on 1st May 1961
1-20 of 168 Results