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  1. Port Louis, Mauritius

    Yesterday I stood watching this singularly lovely island (20 x 30 mi.) as we approached and anchored off the shore of Port Louis 1 ½ mi. Spectacular sunset. There was a long barge tied to foot of companion ladder & all evening it was solidly lined with crew & tourist men fishing. Big catch...
  2. Mauritius

    In fact a Cargo and Passenger motorship built by JOS.L.MEYER,Papenburg/EMS. Germany, for Colonial-Steamship Co. Ltd of Port Louis-Mauritius.
  3. Tourist submarine - Mauritius

    Landing a small submarine on the tourist support ship Betty, off Port Louis, Mauritius, 11 February 2010.
  4. Tourist submarine - Mauritius

    Interior of tourist submarine off Port Louis, Mauritius, 11 February 2010.

    HMS Mauritius on convoy escort duty, in July 1942

    Colony Class cruiser taken in 1943. She came from Swan Hunter in 1940 and spent a lot of her War Service in the Mediterranean. She was scrapped at Inverkeithing in 1965. I can remember seeing her remnants.
  7. Achille Lauro entering Mauritius 1986

    I did a cruise on the Achille Lauro to Mauritius in 1986, this is the view of us entering the harbour from the tennis courts on board the ship.
  8. Mauritius

    The Mauritius was spotted in Mauritius in 1986, she was apparently owned by Rogers and Co, and may not have been in service when I saw her as she was supposedly replaced by MV Mauritius Pride. As far as I recall she was used for inter-island passenger travel as well as doing cargo runs between...
1-9 of 9 Results