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may 2007

  1. polar  star

    polar star

    at lerwick today
  2. stockholm


    at lerwick today
  3. DSND Pelikan

    DSND Pelikan

    At Lerwick today - 22 May 2007
  4. up esmeralda

    up esmeralda

    at lerwick tonight
  5. at  the sbs base

    at the sbs base

    tonight at lerwick
  6. normand  pioneer

    normand pioneer

    at lerwick today
  7. georg  mitchell

    georg mitchell

    leaving lerwick last mon
  8. inter isles ferries

    inter isles ferries

    the skerries ferry FILLA and the fair isle ferry GOOD SHEPHERD at hays dock lerwick
  9. lerwick


    at lerwick on fri
  10. acergy  osprey

    acergy osprey

    at lerwick today
  11. georg  mitchell

    georg mitchell

    first trip to lerwick ex scheldedijk
  12. Good Shepherd IV

    Good Shepherd IV

    at hays dock fri loading for the FAIR ISLE