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  1. Adele Bck36

    Adele Bck36

    at lerwick today
  2. gerda  saele

    gerda saele

    at lerwick tonight
  3. ocean  seeker

    ocean seeker

    leaving lerwick tonight
  4. kommandor stuart

    kommandor stuart

    at lerwick today any info on this one? i could make out some of her old name HERJILFUR or something like that.
  5. at lerwick last week

    at lerwick last week

    part of a power block on the pier not sure if it was trawled up or not looks well used.
  6. hrossey


    leaving lerwick tonight
  7. skandi barra

    skandi barra

    at lerwick last week
  8. at lerwick

    at lerwick

    on survey work i hear
  9. Courageous 3 INS292 and Rosemount PD313

    Courageous 3 INS292 and Rosemount PD313

    at lerwick sat
  10. normand  pioneer

    normand pioneer

    at lerwick sat
  11. atlantian


    at lerwick today
  12. clare


    leaving lerwick thur
  13. FRV Clupea

    FRV Clupea

    at lerwick last week
  14. lis  weber

    lis weber

    leaving lerwick today