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meadowside quay glasgow
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  1. Meadowside Quay Glasgow

    In 2002, demolition of the Granary and surrounding area commenced as part of a development known as Glasgow Harbour and this is the result, a collection of modern housing costing up to £300k in some cases overlooking the river and the former Fairfield shipyard now BAe Govan.
  2. Meadowside Quay Glasgow

    The original 1914 and 1937 extension together with a part of the 1960 extension taken in 2002 as demolition was just beginning.
  3. Meadowside Quay Glasgow

    Roughly where the 1914 and 1937 buildings were as photographed a few weeks ago with work continuing on the Glasgow Harbour development.
  4. Meadowside Quay Glasgow

    As this is now today.
1-4 of 4 Results