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  1. Touchstone

    Touchstone on the Medway 22nd May 2010
  2. Christine

    Christine photographed at the Medway barge race on 22nd May 2010
  3. MEDWAY and Ashmead tugs at Bristol

    as seen in the photograph of HARPTREE COMBE
  4. Cambrook

    I have been waiting for her in Flushing. Joining for the first time in July 1997. It wasn't impressed view. The only nice thing it was the owners logo, similar to my initials. She belongs to Civil Marine that time. Later I sailed on this ship for almost 5 years and visiting Ipswich, Medway...
  5. Arco Axe

    04-06-2007 Medway River. Arco Axe under way for Euro Whf
  6. Kingswear Castle

    03-06-2007 River Medway, Chatham Reach
  7. Kingswear Castle

    Medway River, Chatham. Kingswear Castle is still doing regular sightseeing trips on the river. View from Euro Whf on 11-07-2008
  8. Medway

    Medway, owned by T R Brown & Sons Ltd. Bristol. Seen at Bristol 1964 B. U. Newport 1965.
  9. Brabo

    Seen on Princes Channel inbound for Medway Main Channel maintenance dredging. Recently built, fully computerized. 20-01-2009
  10. Ridham Dock

    17-01-2009 Kielder in Ridham Dock waiting for cargo to be discharged by shore cranes.
  11. Crew at work

    Here on Medway River discharging to trucks. Due to tide and usually two trucks available operation require 12 - 14 hours
  12. Crew at Work

    Kielder crew at work, here openning hatch covers on Medway on 22-05-2005
1-13 of 13 Results