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    Built 1929 by Earles Shipyard of Hull for Associated Humber Lines (Hull-Rotterdam service). Reg No 160830 Gross Tonnage 1924 Net Tonnage 914 General cargo and passengers (92 first class, 24 steerage) 13 to 14½ knots Requisitioned by Admiralty 31st March 1941. Ran aground in Newburgh...
  2. Melrose Abbey

    The A/Purser is Mr E.J.Buckley in the Saloon of the Melrose Abbey
  3. Melrose Abbey

    Associated Humber Lines Built 1929 by Earles Shipbuilding Co. Hull for Hull & Netherlands Steamship Co. 1,961 gross tons, 231 foot x 38 foot beam, speed @ 13 knots Passengers 84 1st class and 38 steerage class - post WWII 92 1st class and 24 second class Launched 28/2/29 1935...

    Associated Humber Lines' cargo/ passenger ship in the berth the AHL ships occupied at the Parkhaven in Rotterdam. This was taken from the Euromast in September 1967 when I travelled on her on a WSS trip. They took a block booking on her and we stayed on board for the two days or so she spent...
  5. Melrose Abbey - AHL

    Postcard from 60's
1-5 of 5 Results