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  1. Galpara

    Barbie - Galpara (Gas Free!) Ship ahd come out of dry-dock sent to Gulf but no cargo "Old" man agreed to barbie. Backrow Ray Clarke E/E/O, Doug Scott 2/O, Mike Morgan 2/E (in background), Paul Nichols (?), (?), Joe Ellis R/O Front row Me, Mikw Adrews C/E and (?)
  2. Meeting of Sailors

    Girlfriend Ntombizini and me
  3. Old sailors never die

    On reunion sept 2010 on board of Pollux in Amsterdam
  4. The Canberra

    the guys in the for ground are 2nd R/O, 2nd mate and an Iranian nav. apprentice. Taken on British Skill 1963/4
  5. Peggy_747_1937

    Me, A good little boy at 3
1-5 of 5 Results