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  1. European Causeway

    P&O's ferry European Causeway approaches Larne Harbour and the memorial to the 1953 Princess Victoria disaster.
  2. Outside the IMO

    This is not really a monument, although it would make a fantastic one. It is outside the IMO building in London
  3. Atlantic Convoys Remembrance

    Hull Corporation Pier Sunday 3rd March 2013.
  4. Svalbard sailors memorial

    Simple memorial on shore of Magdalenefjorden, Spitsbergen, Svalbard, commemorating past travellers who, presumably, lost their lives in that area. Photo: July 1994
  5. Anchor Memorial

    The plaque from the Anchor Memorial to the members of the Merchant Navy who lost their lives during Operation Dynamo
  6. Seamen and Fishermen Memorial

    Gdynia 01-11-2009 end every 1st of November
  7. The Lone Sailor

    The Lone Sailor Memorial, Fort Lauderdale. Who among us has not stood alongside our gear, on some jetty, somewhere, waiting .....
  8. Peace and War

    In Peace and War, Merchant Marine Memorial, Fort Lauderdale.
  9. Memorial plaque

    Detail from the MN Memorial in South Shields. Sorry about the picture quality, I'll take another shot next time I'm there and replace this one.
  10. Memorial

    This plaque can be found set in the stone wall near Hakonshall in Bergen. Relevant for today.
  11. Memorial - Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

    A fishing memorial - Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
  12. Bristol MN Memorial

    In war and peace they plied their trade, Over the angry seas. Remember them as here you stand. Beneath these placid trees. Capt J Earl (Inscription on the Memorial)
1-12 of 12 Results