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  1. Menapia

    The Irish owned Menapia, 1000 grt. built 1939. Seen at Bristol 12 November 1961 discharging Timber from Mantyluoto.

    Owners Staffords Wexford Steamship Company Seen in the River Liffey Dublin
  3. menapia and kerlogue

    menapia and kerlogue wexford ss co. brian cleare
  4. menapia and kerlogue

    menapia and kerlogue of wexford brian cleare
  5. Menapia

    The Irish m/v Menapia, 65,2m/902gt, completed 11/1939 by A.Vuijk & Zonen, Capelle a/d Ijssel for J.J. Stafford's Wexford Steamships Co. Ltd., Wexford.; 1965 Aggis Anna, Greece; 1971 hit underwater object 50nm south Karachi and beached. She was a regular visitor to Leixões during the WWII Seen...
1-5 of 5 Results