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mersey ferry

  1. Royal Daffodil

    Royal Daffodil

    Royal Daffodil coming alongside for the HMS Conway 150 years wreathlaying cruise
  2. Mersey Ferry

    Mersey Ferry

    This vessel was used for a short time as a Mersey ferry, back in the sixties I think. I dont remember her name, but I think she was a hydrofoil, and has a twin hull. she didn't last very long, I think rough weather was her undoing. Pictured here at Seacombe Ferry landing stage
  3. the Royal Iris, Mersey Ferry

    the Royal Iris, Mersey Ferry

    The Royal Iris which the Beatles played on is now in a decrepit state, berthed on the Thames, near to Woolwich Ferry. (Words quoted from web site) Seen 07.10.2006