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  1. RFA Tidespring

    A136 on Mersey
  2. HMS Mersey

    HMS Mersey berthing alongside County Wharf at Falmouth. Vessel under going a maintenance period in the port.
  3. Mersey

    HMS Mersey entering Portsmouth 8th October 2018
  4. Ill fated Jet Foil - Mersey

    This was sent to me from a friend of wanted it used online on one of my sites. This is the ill fated jetfoil that 'tried' to run a service from Liverpool to Dublin. It was a failure because the sea threw it about and passengers were subjected to bouncing about. I think the date was late 60s but at p
  5. Ferry Across the Mersey

    Waiting for the ferry in April 2016. Still can't get my head around how much had changed since I attended the fireman's training school on Pier Head in 1965.
  6. Mersey scene

    Nostalgic Mersey scene with a White Star liner and a Cunarder with a tender/ Mersey ferry?
  7. Peary Spirit

    Spotted on River Mersey last summer
  8. Thorngarth

  9. Méndez Núñez

    Spanish war ship Méndez Núñez arrived on the Mersey this morning. The 146m frigate arrived in Liverpool at 8am and will sail out of the river on Monday morning. Portuguese frigate Alvares Cabral (F 331) is also in dock alongside the Spanish frigate during its stay in Liverpool. You can just see th
  10. Champion Istra

  11. S.S. Vally-(5282316)-(Thorvald Halvorsen Rederi AS)-River Mersey

    Petroleum Products Tanker, Steam Ship Vally, launched, Thursday, 30/10/1952, to yard number 1220, by Smith’s Dock Company Limited, South Bank, Middlesbrough, and completed and delivered, March 1953, to Thorvald Halvorsen Rederi A/S, Bergen, Norway; Gross Registered Tonnage: 2,761; Net registered Ton
  12. HMS Mersey

    Heading up the Gareloch for HMNB Clyde.
  13. Mersey on Tyne 02

    HMS Mersey open to the public, Port of Tyne.
  14. Mersey on Tyne

    HMS Mersey alongside, Port of Tyne. Open to the public as my next pic shows.
  15. Llandudno Lifeboats

    Mersey 12-006 Andy Pearce and D656 William Robert Saunderson at Emergency Services Day 16-08-15
  16. Three Queens

    The Three Queens on the Mersey
  17. River Mersey, Liverpool

    River Mersey, Liverpool with Queen of Bermuda in the foreground. Photo taken 13 February 1933 per Stephen Card.
  18. Wirral wooden ship

    When ships were made of wood and men were made of iron. Doubt if this wooden ship would make it over the water to Liverpool. Not seaworthy.
  19. Stena Mersey

    Stena Mersey, outward bound from Birkenhead heading down the Mersey en route for Belfast.
1-20 of 107 Results