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  1. MFV Wreck

    MFV Wreck

    Image of a MFV blown ashore on Whitsand Bay , SE Cornwall. Note on back of photo states 1977. I recall the wreck slowly broke up and even today the engine and various tank tops can still be seen.
  2. MFV 767

    MFV 767

    Photographed at Chatham on 28 May 1978 Ordered for the RN on 6 April 1944, built by J Bolson of Poole and completed in Sept 1945
  3. Beechgrove A266

    Beechgrove A266

    Motor drifter EX Admarality MFV Beechgrove going into Yarmouth.
  4. MFV Avalon

    MFV Avalon

    ex Shetland vessel Zephyr, am i correct