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  1. NORDENHAM sinking 1944

    The steamer Nordenham is seen here very low in the water after being hit with a torpedo by a Soviet submarine in the eastern Baltic Sea in December 1944. Originally the NORDENHAM was built as one of the first purpose-built refrigerator ships in Germany, being launched on 3 Dec 1914 and...
  2. Miami

    NCL ships at the Florida port in February 1983 Norway and either Skyward or Starward
  3. Miami

    The former SS Jerusalem of Zim Israel Lines was the replacement for SS Florida in the Peninsular & Occidental Lines fleet
  4. Cruiseship Convention, Miami

    There are nine cruiseships in this picture--some quite familiar.
  5. MIAMI

    In 60s.Deutshe werft built 57 asJERUSALEM-MIAMI 66-NEW BAHAMA STAR 68-BAHAMA STAR 62-BONAIRE STAR 75- While being towed by the tug JANTAR fro N Orleans to Kaohsiung for Scrapping sank to east Hawaii in 3-10-79-
  6. MIAMI

1-6 of 6 Results