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  1. Midnatsol

    At Honnigsvag, Norway in August 2004
  2. Midnatsol

    Norwegian pass/cargo vessel MIDNATSOL, imo 5234462/ 81,6m/ 2.097gt/ 15,5kn/ pax____; 11/1949 completed by Cantieri Navale Riuniti, Ancona, for Det Bergenske A/S – Bergen Line, Bergen, for its Norwegian coastal service; 1979 MIDNATSOL, A/S Troms Fylkes D/S, Tromso; 1982 MIDNATSOL II, A/S Troms...
  3. Midnatsol

    The Midnatsol of Bergen Line photographed in Bergen early 1950s. She served the Hurtigruten between Bergen in the south and Kirkenes in the northeast, on the Russian border, between 1949 and 1982. Delivered to Bergen Line in November 1949 from Cantieri Naval Riuniti i Ancona, Italy, scrapped...
  4. Midnatsol

    The Hurtigruten vessel Midnatsol departing Honningsvag, Norway in August 2004
  5. Midnatsol

    Midnatsol taken entering Honningsvag June 2006

    MIDNATSOL.....seen in the pool of London 25.03.2006....what is she Cruiser or Ferry?
1-6 of 7 Results