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  1. Havsøki SA 95

    When sold to Sandur, Midvingur (ex Gamli Andrass) was R/N Havsøki. There has bees another Havsøki with the same number SA 95. It was built in Brattvaag 1961 for a company Vestfelli on Sandur.
  2. Midvingur VA 220, ex Gamli Andrass

    Built in Søviknes, Norway, in 1960 as 'Gamli Andrass' for a company in Tórshavn. Later sold to Midvagur, and in 1982 to Sandur. It was expected that such a longliner could fisk 700 tons yearly. Here seen on the slip in Vestmanna.
1-2 of 2 Results