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  1. HMS L 12

    The HMS L 12 (in the middle) seen here after being towed into Milford Haven on July 8th, 1929 showing some damage to her bow. Only hours before the L 12 collided with the submarine H 47 during exercises in the St. Georges Channel off Milford Haven causing it to sink on a depth of more than 300...
  2. milford haven

    milford haven
  3. RFA Sir Tristram L3505

    Photographed in Milford Haven October 1994
  4. Janis Sudrabkalns

    Owner: Latvian Shipping Company Built: 1979 Tonnage Gr/Dwt 18,494/27,355 L/B/D 179m/ 25m/ 14m Flag Cyprus Ex Yan Sudrabkaln -91
  5. Galp Faro

    Gas tanker Galp Faro in Milford Haven. September 1998
  6. Linnea

    Photographed at Milford Haven. October 1998? Owned by Linnea Shipping A/S (part of James Fisher Tankships Ltd) Built 1980 Tonnage Gr/Dwt 6,972/11,520 L/B/D 149.5m/ 19.5m /6.7m Flag Norway ex Hydro -98
  7. Hubberston

    Milford Haven pilot boat Hubberston photographed coming alongside Balmoral, October 1997
  8. Hakin

    Milford Haven pilot boat Hakin
  9. Milford Haven Dock

    Milford Haven dock before part of it became a marina
  10. Sea Royal

    Badly photographed at Milford Haven in the mid '90s (had the camera on the wrong focus setting) Built 1974 for Lundqvist Rederierna (Finland) Tonnage G/dwt 42562/82600 L/B/D 232m/36m/15m Flag Bahamas
  11. tugs at milford haven

    tugs at milford haven
  12. tugs at milford haven

    tugs at milford haven
  13. United Triton

    Brostrom/United Tankers UNITED TRITON at Milford Haven circa 1998. Launched 1981 29874 gross 55406 dwt L 207m B 32m ex OT Daylight -91, Ragnhild Brovig -88
  14. Petro Tyne

    Petro Tyne pictured at Milford Haven circa 1998. Launched 1974 13340gross 22333dwt L 161.20m B 23.6 m ex ESSO TYNE -94, ESSO SAINT PETERSBURG -90, ESSO CALLUNDA -85 Broken up 1999
  15. milford haven

    tugs greengarth glengarth and graygarth
  16. Milford Haven, Aachen

    Loading German Leopard (?) tanks alongside heavy lift vessel at Milford Haven, for landing at Pembroke Dock.
  17. Spitzfels, and LCT 4061 alongside Milford Haven

    Spitzfels discharging tank into HMAV Audemer ....LCT Mk 8 Milford Haven for landing at old war time slip for Coastal Command at Pembroke Dock. Intended for tank training at the Castlemartin range.
  18. Milford Haven

    Tankers at Milford Haven 19 April 2005.
  19. raf ship

    mv airmoor , royal air force ship? converted mine sweepers in service with the raf
1-20 of 20 Results