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  1. Mississippi River

    Couple of bulkers awaiting orders anchored off New Orleans...
  2. Sultana

    Wayne Neal's beautiful picture of the river steamer Sultana, and she nears the point of her destruction on April 27, 1865. 147 years ago this month.
  3. Sultana

    This photograph turns 147 years old today. It shows the Mississippi River steamer Sultana being warped into the dock at Helena, Arkansas on 26 April, 1865. It is one of only two pictures of the steamboat known to exist. Eleven hours after the picture was taken the boats boilers exploded...
  4. Mississippi New Orleans

    Sensation and other ships at New Orleans
  5. Mississippi River traffic

    Vessels passing in the Mississippi River. 1992.
  6. Pilot Town

    mouth of the Mississippi River
1-6 of 6 Results