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  1. Mohawk

    Racing yacht Mohawk (oil painting on panel 50x50cm)
  2. H.M.S Mohawk

    The photo was taken during a FLYEX , most likely the pilot was getting some flying hours in by the angle of the image .or it was just after TOT time .
  3. Mohawk

  4. Mohawk

    HMS Mohawk (L-31/F-31/G-31) was a Tribal-class destroyer laid down by John I. Thornycroft and Company at Woolston, Hampshire on 16 July 1936, launched on 5 October 1937. Industrial difficulties delayed the completion of HMS Mohawk. Builder's trials were carried out but she was not ready for...
  5. Mohawk

    Tradax Gestion OBO mv Mohawk, arriving drydock Setubal, Portugal, July 1982. Badly in need of external cosmetic work to upper structure, plus the usual big repair work listings necessitating a long dockyard stay.
  6. Mohawk

    Tadax Gestion OBO mv Mohawk, in drydock Setubal, Portugal, July 1982
  7. Mohawk

    Tradax Gestion OBO, mv Mohawk, July 1983
  8. Mohawk

    Tradax Gestion OBO mv Mohawk, departing from Coenhaven dock Amsterdam, after discharging grain cargo at Cargill berth, early 1980's.
  9. H.M.S MOHAWK veracruz

    Here is a view over the mortar well and flight deck of MOHAWK looking over towards THE PORT OF veracruz.
  10. H.M.S MOHAWK

    This photo was taken in the med, just before her tour of duty, again in the west indies
  11. What ship? Mohawk?

    This print is marked on the back Mohawk, Atlantic Transport Line, but I am not fully convinced. Can anyone explain the ''No.33'' painted near the bow and stern?
  12. H.M.S MOHAWK

    This photo of MOHAWK doing a cold move ,i have no idea where it is,or the date. can any one help?
  13. H.M.S MOHAWK bermuda

    this pic was taken at ireland island,it was taken from the ships motor cutter,on a trip to hamilton. a great run ashore ,cheap if you know where to go.
  14. engine trials

    This H.M.S MOHAWK showing she could still do a few knots ,what ever the sea state.
  15. H.M.S MOHAWK

    This H.M.S MOHAWK showing she could still do a few knots, what ever the sea state.

    At fort-de -france at MARTINIQUE this liner came in. I was on H.M.S MOHAWK at the time,happy days

    H.M.S mohawk fully dressed,and no where to go.
1-19 of 19 Results