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  1. Mombasa

    Danish cargo liner MOMBASA, imo 5239137/ 144,6m/ 8.628gt/ 15kn; 05/1950 completed by Nakskov Skybsvaerft, Nakskov, for East Asiatic Company, Copenhagen, for its Far East service; 1972 WAGLAN ISLAND, Hong Kong Ocean Shipping Co., Ltd, Panama; 02/06/1976 arrived Kaohsiung for breaking up.
  2. Dhow stern detail

    Mombasa Old Harbour, Jan 1970.
  3. Dhow galley boy

    Mombasa Old Harbour, Jan 1970
  4. Alongside a Dhow

    Mombasa Old Harbour, Jan 1970
  5. Visiting a Dhow

    Mombasa Old Harbour, Jan 1970
  6. Dhow at Mombasa

    Dhow proceeding up the east side of Mombasa Island as seen from Fort Jesus, January 1970.
  7. Mombasa 1970

    Old Town, Mombasa, January 1970. It occured to me that if you took out the colour, added a touch of sepia and entitled it 'Mombasa 1870' no one would be any the wiser.
  8. Mombasa 1970

    Looking north from the Old Town, Mombasa, to the Nyali pontoon bridge (now demolished), January 1970. Have been unable to pinpoint the location of the cemetery but it must north of the Old Town.
  9. Mombasa 1970

    View of the jetties at Old Town Mombasa, January 1970. If I'm not mistaken those two piers between the jetties can still be seen on Google sat map.
  10. Me_standing_by_Hillman

    Some were on the mombasa Nirobi road 1964
  11. Nyali price list

    Chris how did the price compare with back then?
  12. Nyali_Bar

    The wife having a drink at the bar 1964.
  13. Copy_of_Nyali_bridge

    Taken from the wifes car on the way to Nyali Beach Hotel,
  14. Nyali Beach Hotel - Mombasa

    Could not stand the local bars so we up graded to this Hotel. the photo says the rest.

    Bluff NZ 23/10/1971 Built 1950 for EAC-Denmark 1973 Waglan Islandi 1979 Kaohsiung

    Europe 1960's Built 1950 for EAC-Denmark Scan from negative owned by Jorgen Lonn with his permission
  17. Mombasa

    Myself and other deck boy, Ray Hewitt with one of the local ladies in Mombasa, 1973.
  18. Kilindini Harbour, Mombasa

    The port in the picture is not named beyond ''East Africa''. But I am quite sure I remember the place. I was in Mombasa during a long harbour-strike in the summer of 68, and believe myself to have tramped past those cranes quite a number of times. The ship's name seem to end in ...EBANK.
  19. Mombasa

    Myself and lady friend onboard Karanja at Mombasa 1973
1-20 of 26 Results