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  1. Monaco

    IMO 7217078 Built 1972 2,363 gross tons Later: Ion Olympia Dimitrios Miras Converted to passenger ferry and re-named: Nona Mary
  2. Dawn Princess

    Originally Cunard Line's Sylvania and then Sitmar Line's Fairwind. At anchor off Monaco during her first months under P&O ownership, after they had absorbed (obliterated) Sitmar and rebranded the ships under the Princess Cruises banner.
  3. Monaco

    Thunderstorm imminent
  4. Monaco marina

    Thunderstorm approaching
  5. Over The Rainbow

    Monaco June 2010, PR London. Mr Stelios of easyjet may have been aboard using his mob phone under the awning on the bow, just can`t get it clear enough to be sure.
  6. Crystal Symphony

    Monaco June 2010
  7. Crystal Symphony

    Monaco June 2010
  8. Lady Moura

    Monaco June 2010
  9. Over The Rainbow

    Monaco June 2010
  10. Insignia

    Taken at Monaco 28.06.08, any details would be welcome, thanks.
  11. "Nona Mary" in Laurion

    A french ship in Laurion Port in 2004. She's "Nona Mary" with the livery of SAOS Ferries in interesting trips to Cyclades and Nothern Aigaion. Now she travels from Alexandroupolis to Samothraki Island. She was built in 1972 as "Monaco" and then she was renamed as "Ion", "Olympia" and...
  12. Monaco

    Another pic of the harbour, & the floating gin palaces.
  13. Monaco

    General view of the inner harbour.
  14. Monaco

    Harbour at Monaco June 2005
  15. Grand Princess

    Monaco June 2005, another pic of same vessel.
  16. Easy Cruise

    Another shot of same vessel june 2005
  17. Princess Cruises = Grand Princess

    Seen at Monaco June 2005, can`t remember which one.
1-18 of 18 Results