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  1. M33


    Photographed 22 April 2010, the vessel in the background is HMS Albion which had returned on the previous day with troops and civilians stranded in Spain as a result of the Air Traffic ban on all passenger flights in Europe due to eruption of volcano in Iceland. _____________________________________
  2. HMVS Cerberus 1871

    HMVS Cerberus 1871

    HMVS Cerberus (1867/69-1926), twin turret Breastwork Monitor, was the first British Breastwork Monitor turret ship ever built, and is the last example of this type to survive anywhere in the world. Currently sitting on the seabed a few hundred metres off the beach at Half-Moon Bay, Black Rock (in P
  3. Monitor M33, drydock Portsmouth, 1997

    Monitor M33, drydock Portsmouth, 1997

    I am short on details of this as it was not open to the public when I took this shot. I note that Phil and comments to his photos provide some of that missing detail
  4. MONITOR  1862

    MONITOR 1862

    U.S.A Battleship
  5. MONITOR  (1862)

    MONITOR (1862)

    U.S.A. tank ship
  6. Sir Thomas Picton

    Sir Thomas Picton

    H&W Belfast yard number 481. Launched 30th September 1915 delivered 4th November 1915 5920 tons.


    Seen sailing down the River Tyne from the builders in 1943