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  1. Oriana 1960 Original Perch Golden Cockerel

    Oriana 1960 Original Perch Golden Cockerel

    The Original Perch Of The Golden Cockerel was of course on ORIANA 1960.Here he is of course atop the 'Monkey Island' where he lived for a number of years!!. See also..... and.......
  2. The Monkey Island Oriana.

    The Monkey Island Oriana.

    Photo taken up around Norway, 'The Golden Cockerel' denotes that Oriana was the fastest ship in the fleet 27.5 knots service speed.It was (and possibly still is) a brass cockerel here seen on Oriana (1960) that was positioned in port and in the proximity of any P.and O. ships on the monkey island i