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  1. Monsoon and Garnet

    Bourbon Monsoon and Siem Garnet
  2. Monsoon

    LPG Tanker Monsoon inward bound on the Mersey for Eastham
  3. Monsoon

    The Norwegian tanker Monsson outbound in the Mersey. Launched by Tangen Verft, Kragero, in 1959 she appears to have been completed by the Akers yard in Oslo and was then 17,250 dwt tons. In 1973 it seems she was lengthened using the forebody of the Garanda and was then 24,700 dwt. In 1970 she...
  4. M/T Monsoon

    Norwegian tanker Monsoon,Mosvold Co(?).delivering fuel oil for the cement kilns at Limhamn, Sweden 1967.
  5. Monsoon Clipper

    Built:2007 by BSC Length:38m Beam: 9.30m Depth:2.75m Passengers: 220 Engine: 2 x MTU V10 2000 Speed: 30knots 2/11/2007 Photo copyright Ben @
  6. SW Monsoon

    ss Marwarri between Aden and Ceylon 1960. She was famous for her spectacular roll, it could be frightening sometimes. "Will she come back this time?" would spring to mind.
1-6 of 6 Results