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  1. Montclare

    Canadian Pacific Line Built 1922 by John Brown & Co., Clydebank 16,314 gross tons 575 foot x 70 foot beam Cabin & Third Class passengers only Cabin Class Lounge
  2. Montclare

    Fresh flowers, mirrors and a tapestry help to lighten the rather sombre aspect of the Cabin Class Dining Saloon
  3. Montclare

    Shipboard Mock Tudor in the Cabin Class Smoking Room
  4. Montclare

    The cosy wood panelled Cabin Class Drawing Room
  5. Montclare

    Cabin Class Lounge aboard this Canadian Pacific intermediate
  6. Montclare

  7. Montclare

    Rather different to the floating supermarkets commonly found today, the ship's shop on the Canadian Pacific intermediate liner
  8. Montclare

    The Canadian Pacific liner lying off Gibraltar on a Mediterranean cruise
  9. Montclare

    Canadian Pacific. Built 1921. 1939 Converted to Armed Merchant Cruiser . 1942 sold to Admiralty as submarine depot ship. Do'nt know any more about her.
1-9 of 9 Results