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monte umbe
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  1. Monte Umbe

    The bright colours of Spanish Nav Aznar SA were well known in London and Liverpool from their Canary Islands service. Seen in London's West India Dock in 1971 the Monte Umbe was built 1959 and was 9,971 gr tons.
  2. Monte Umbe

    Spanish pass/cargo liner MONTE UMBE, imo 5240758/ 154,8m/ 9.971gt/ 16kn; 04/1959 completed by Astilleros Euskalduna, Bilbao, for Naviera Aznar, Bilbao; 1975 LIBAN, Demline & Star SS SR, Beirut, LBN; 07/1979 arrived Gadani Beach for breaking up.
  3. Monte Umbe

    Berthed in the Millwall Dock, London.
1-3 of 3 Results