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  1. Wrecks
    Good evening, I've just found that my gt gt grandfather George Unwin of Liverpool (b1839 and a sailmaker) died in Montevideo after his ship Rotomahana caught fire and sank near Elephant Cay Rock in the Falklands on August 19 1884. Launched just three years previously, the Rotomahana was an...
  2. Preserved tug at Montevideo

    It took my attention at the time, and I have allways thought she was connected with the Graf Spee incident. Now I wonder she could be the little vessel alongside the panzershiff that appears in this photograph...
  3. Montevideo

    Johnson Line´s M/S Montevideo Johnson Line postcard, posted from Balboa October 22 1970 From my collection
  4. Calpean Star

    This photo of the Calpean Star, ex Highland Chieftan was taken by me as we went into Montevideo on British Sergeant in 1960. She had had an engineroom problem and was run aground out of the channel a short while before to prevent her sinking. Note the Red Ensign still flying.
  5. Montevideo

    Unknown obelisk/needle
  6. Montevideo.

    A strange photo, I hope that one of you well travelled seafarers can shed some light on it.
  7. Montevideo

    Again subject matter of the photo is unknown, if you can shed light on it, please comment.
  8. Montevideo

    If you knoe these locations, please post where they are
  9. Montevideo

    If this photo evokes a memory, please comment
  10. Motevideo

    Feel free to comment
  11. Graf Spee, Settled on the Bottom

    I dont know how long it took, but all the fires are out and she is settled on the bottom. I have missed the previous 3 photo's in the collection as they are nearly the same. An interesting point is that the locals took trips out to the Graff Spee and helped themselves to momentos, I remember...
  12. Graf Spee, Burning

    A little bit of a time lapse maybe as it looks as if she is starting to list
  13. Graf Spee Burning

    Captain Langsdorf rather than let his ship be interned in Motevideo, chose to take her out 3Km and scuttle her with explosive charges. I take it this photo was taken shortly after the charges went off as she is not yet settled on the bottom.
  14. The German dead.

    Coffins laid out along the dock in Motevideo of the German sailors of Graff Spee, I would think killed in the first encounter with Force G ?
  15. Captain Langsdorf and the German Ambassador in Montevideo

    I guess this was taken when talks were going on as to the Graf Spee's future.
  16. Universal Bar

    Start to run out of suitable pictures and memorabilia as my ex miss’s systematically throw away or ripped apart anything that she considered unsuitable for me to keep. However here is a piece that somehow survived. (Probably because she never found it). I don’t now how to present I, but I have...
1-19 of 19 Results