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    Canadian Pacific liner MONTROSE at Antwerp. Having carefully examined the name on the stern this is indeed the MONTROSE and not one of her sisters MONTCALM or MONTCLARE. More info about this ship here...
  2. Gangway Connected

    Regalia, gangway-connected to Montrose A. Seven Pelican in background
  3. Montrose

    Montrose and Clipper Bricco at Gibraltar.
  4. Magne Viking

    Magne Viking departing Montrose 30/03/13
  5. Montrose 30/03/13

    View from the walk to Scurdie Ness Lighthouse looking back into the harbour, bridges and basin. The Magne Viking is just departing.
  6. Montrose

    Montrose,shown here aground in Chesapeake Bay,thanks to tugboatpainter {Dave Boone] for the info.
  7. Montrose

  8. Montrose Hamburg 1954

    Built 1938 at Le Trait, on the Seine, for Louis Dreyfus as FRANCOIS L.D. - in 1940 renamed CEPHEE, in 1947 reverted to FRANCOIS L.D. - in 1951 became MONTROSE (Montreal Shipping Company - Montship Lines - a subsidiary of Buries Markes, associated with Louis Dreyfus) - sold to Sweden in 1955 and...
  9. Montrose

    Montship Lines, Buries Marks, London mngrs
  10. Montrose

    Actually a bulkcarrier. Here you see her in Lyttelton Dec 2004
  11. HMS_MONTROSE_GULF_31_1_05_3

1-11 of 11 Results