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morecambe bay
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  1. Morecambe Bay today

    It is amazing what a difference a couple of hundred feet can make when it comes to Snow fall, the photo was taken today from Morecambe Promenade..
  2. Morecambe Bay today

    On a nice Sunny day (cold), the Lake District from Morecambe promenade across the bay
  3. Morecambe Bay today

    A view of some of the boats moored at the top end of the Bay, photo taken today 1/2/15
  4. Stena Precision

    A grey overcast misty morning and the Stena Precision passes us while on her way to Belfast. Frank
  5. Morecambe Bay, today

    Just been on the Prom and it is a clear day with magnificent views all round, but it is still very cold. It is not often that at the end of March (Good Friday) and there is still plenty of snow on the hills over in the Lake district Cheers Frank
  6. Morecambe Bay Prawners on the Hard

    L-R 'Empress', 'Amanda' and the recently restored "Enid' on the hard between seasons at West Kirby, Wirral. Enid was moored off Meols beach (Hoylake) for many years when I was a lad back in the 1960's-70's and fished Liverpool Bay. All boys fell in love with the Nobbies, a love that stays for
  7. Morecambe Bay ,

    The cocklers are back in Morecambe Bay, the bay was reopened for cockling a couple of months ago but it as been quiet around Morecambe up to this week. I took this photo today from the promenade behind the lifeboat station. Cheers Frank
  8. Morecambe Bay today 18.03.07

    High tide today at Morecambe, the boats are bouncing about a bit, the police closed part of the promenade for a while due to the sea coming over. I took the photo just after high water. Cheers Frank
  9. Morecambe Bay and some boats

    I took this photo last week from the promenade here in Morecambe, are the boats shrimpers. The bigger one looks like it is beeing restored. Frank
  10. Morecambe Bay

    I took this photo at 2 pm today, Morecambe Bay at high water, and some of the fishing boats are out there, when it is sunny there are some magnificent views. Frank
1-10 of 10 Results