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  1. On the Rocks

    On the Rocks

    Last week during a storm this boat was washed onto the rocks on the promenade in Morecambe. She has no name that is visible. Frank
  2. Wards Shipbreaking Office, Morecambe

    Wards Shipbreaking Office, Morecambe

    There was a thread earlier, about Wards Shipbreaking Yards and there seemed to be many of them. This picture is of the Wards Shipbreaking Office/Factory in Morecambe they were part of the Wards Company from Sheffield, Yorks. I have been checking a bit of their history and I found that Wards broke
  3. Morecambe Lifeboat, (Hovercraft)

    Morecambe Lifeboat, (Hovercraft)

    Morecambe Lifeboat (Hovercraft) getting ready to be launched. I took the photo yesterday Saturday 17/06/06 at 12-00 noon. Frank