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  1. Antique memories 1

    Have had this tucked away for over 50 years. I was a regular for about 3 or more days every 3 weeks. Some memories
  2. Where Mosquito bar was as it look like today

    This is the spot where Mosquito bar was located and what it looks like today.
  3. Mosquito bar

    Benlomond 1971, Mosquito bar. 4th eng (can't remember his name) myself and the third engineer Dick Reid from Dundee. A good day was had. If you zoom in you can almost see the date on the back of the label of the half bottle of Thai whisky (if you can call it that) The date was often for the day...
  4. Mosquito Bar, Bangkok

    Here we have a photo of 3 lovely hostess's from the Mosquito Bar in Bangkok, the photo was taken in 1969. They are celebrating the birthday of the girl in the middle. Do any of you recognize them? Frank
1-4 of 5 Results