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  1. Prodromos

    Prodromos (formerly the arrested ship Most Sky) still tied up in Birkenhead's West Float Dock. No activity spotted on board (3rd Aug 2012)
  2. Most Sky

    At last there appears to be some movement on the notorious Most Sky. Under detention in Birkenhead since last November, she has been a dead ship for several months. Now, the funnel has been painted yellow, and the generator up on the boat deck has been started up, so it looks like she has been...
  3. Most Sky

    The Turkish cargo ship, Most Sky, under detention in Birkenhead, now moved to No 3 West Float. The ship appears to be quite dead, there is a diesel generator sat on the boat deck but not running. No lights, and only a solitary watchman shivering at the top of the gangway on the day this photo...
  4. Most Sky

    The notorious Most Sky, detained in Birkenhead after a MCA inspection found numerous safety defects and apalling conditions on board. Most Sky has been moved from East Float where her cargo was discharged, to No 1 West float, Birkenhead, the former loading berth for Bibby Line and Paddy Hendersons.
  5. Most Sky

    Most Sky in East Float, Birkenhead. In the background between the two transit sheds is the Blue Funnel berths at Vittoria Dock, and the tall brick building was Holts cargo handling HQ.
1-5 of 5 Results