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  1. Barge for MSC Napoli

    This large barge was in Portland on 30 Nov 2007 as part of Smit's MSC Napoli Squadron currently weatherbound there. Can anyone identify it please? Anna 4, Smitbarge 2 and tug BB Ocean in the background. Thanks Pirate
  2. Unknown Sheerlegs

    S/V/Vzmorye at Portland 30 Nov with the sheerlegs she towed from Rotterdam. Can anyone identify it please so that lifting capacity can be determined. I cannot make the sequence of vertical lettering on the right leg read "Taklift" and nor can I see any sign of Smit's traditional colour scheme...
  3. Smit's MSC Napoli Squadron

    The MSC Napoli salvage squadron seen well tucked up in Portland at 1130 today, 30 Nov 2007. Wind rising and sea breaking heavily on the west side of the Bill. The wreck was possibly a bit more sheltered at the time but any backing will make things more uncomfortable off Branscombe. Also see...
1-3 of 3 Results