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  1. ETH???= ETHEL B

    Somebody can help me with the name and or company?
  2. Foxley

    Foxley, from postcard. No details.
  3. Mystery ship, Manchester

    Postcard says on front: 'The Mystery Ship at Manchester'. On the back: 'Uncle Billy Matthew's mystery ship, WWII'. I wonder if it's the ship that became HMS Fidelity?
  4. Mystery Ship=QING YANG

    Another Picture of the Mystery Ship
  5. mystery Ship=QING YANG

    Photo taken leaving Melbourne. Can anyone shed some light on this ship.
  6. Mystery ship, Silver Shark

    No source mentioned, just written Silver Shark GR 1958
  7. Mystery ship Bellasco

    No photograper on the back, but written CHUNG HSING.Who can help?
  8. When you want a bus !!

    Mystery ship, maybe leaving the Thames with London Buses, But, for where, and what ship ???
  9. Mystery Vessel

    Behind the Cory Environmental tug, lies this mystery ship berthed at Gravesend. Captured Aug-2005, apparently, she's been there for many years and is in a very bad way. Is it the same ship as the one pictured in my previous upload, in the Royal Docks in 1981?
  10. Mystery ship Found

    Many thanks Benjidog. You did a great job making this photo lighter. Can see more detail now. She is the "Windstar". There is a photo of her going the other way on: www.windstar-cruises If you foreward click the other two ships are with her. See other photo. Barney
  11. Standard Ship Type "C" WW1

    1918 Wm. Gray & Co Ltd West Hartlepool. Posted for comparison purposes with Stuart Smiths query WW1 ship. This picture scanned from British Standard Ships of WW1.Copyright N.Taylor.
1-11 of 11 Results