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  1. Ship Research
    Hello everyone Can someone identify this small freighter featured in the 1961 film 'Tintin and the Mystery of the Golden Fleece'? Its mentioned in the film that she is 130 tons and was built in 1913. Her name in the film is 'La Toison D'or' (The Golden Fleece). Apart from that, I cant find any...

    TONG SHIN Ore carrier 1955 completed by Nippon Kokan Kabushiki Kaisha, Tokyo, Shimizu Shipyard, Miho for Nissan Kisen K., Tokyo 9.999GRT, 15.157tdw, diesel engine 2SA 6Cy Hitachi Zosen/B&W, 13kn 1970 lib. TONG SHIN 1976 CHI SHIN 1978 UNION ADEN 1979 broken up Hong Kong

    MYSTERY SHIP 01 Photo taken approximately 2010 Lloyd Werft, Bremerhaven Seems to be a former handy size bulkcarrier of Oldendorff Carriers who had a large series built in 2000-2003 and afterwards at Saiki Jukogyo, Saiki, Japan. The 4 cranes have been removed, there is a strange white...
  4. Mystery

  5. Mystery

    This one looks to be ready for the scrap yard but it left the harbour it had a good turn of speed on it.
  6. Boudreaux,Clarence J

    Clarence J. Boudreaux b. 1906 U.S. Merchant Marine World War Two Sailed as Bosun's Mate and A.B. Seaman From Baton Rouge La Known to have sailed out of New Orleans Baltimore and New York Repeated sailings S.S. Cacique (3) S.S Geo H Jones Rio Mendoza And S.S. John Worthington...
  7. Mystery

    Found this photo, not a clue as to where it is.
  8. Mystery Tug at Groton

    Seen on the Thames River at Groton, Connecticut on May 3, 2009. There are no identifying marks I can pick out, but maybe someone has an idea?
  9. Mystery Tug at New London = A.B. Cenac, Jr

    Seen at New London, Connecticut on January 15, 2010. Her name is written in script, which I can't decode, and she appears to have the letter "C" on her funnel.
  10. What is it?

    Answers on a postcard please!

    Bluff NZ. 31/12/1974. Sorry about quality , ship enlarged as only approx 10 % of slide.
  12. Spanish ? ferry

    This vessel operated briefly into Warrenpoint in the 1980s. Anyone have an idea of the name of the vessel and its susequent history
  13. Mystery Ship

    Can anyone name this ship please. I think she do'es cruises around the Caribbean. Photo taken at Guadeloupe W.I. 1993. She was to far away to get name.
  14. Harmony II

    This Ferry (?) is in Ipswich Docks,but it looks as though she has been out of the water a while & ive never seen any work being done on her. Can anyone shed some light on where she has been in the past & if she has a future? Cheers K
1-14 of 14 Results