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  1. RFA Argus

    After long laid up time she is finally on the move. Still with tugs but soon she will be on her own. Good passage wherever is your destination.
  2. Burbon Orca

    25-02-2008 Halsvik, Norway
  3. Scandi Navica

    25-05-2008 Norway, Fedje area. Scandi Navica is laying cable between islands
  4. Beachy Head Lighthouse

    Deaprting Shoreham Harbour at half flood you still have tide with you when going east and then again we have tide with us passing Dover. During spring tides it was 4-5 knots plus.
  5. Shoreham Harbour

    12-06-2008 Shoreham Harbour. Not the easiest one in windy condition, still one of my favorite. They have very good pilots, I had exemption for few years too.
  6. Argus

    She is getting ready for sea, another picture of her and on her own tomorrow.
  7. Nordic Spirit

    She has arrived to Falmouth on 27-11-2009
  8. Falmouth Harbour

    26-11-2009 Falmouth Harbour, harbour entrance and harbour craft
  9. Anglian Princess

    26-11-2009 Falmouth - a short call to pick up stores
  10. Falmouth

    25-11-2009 Falmouth and yacht moorings
  11. Argus

    26-11-2009 Falmouth - Argus shifting berth with tugs
  12. Tugs

    25-11-2009 Busy Falmouth Harbour Shiloh - the black one Ankorva - red one missed the name of small one, sorry
  13. SD Warden

    25-11-2009 Falmouth Harbour traffic.
  14. Anglian Princess

    She has been seen for a short while in Falmouth Harbour on 26-11-2009
  15. Pasajes Harbour entrance

    Here It is one more picture of Pasajes Harbour entrance. In some conditions it is difficult to get in. In bed weather harbour entrance is closed for navigation dye to high swell. Resonable anchorage is close to the rocks, anchors are often not holding properly. Anchoring in bed weather or waiting on
  16. Blexen

    Blexen seen from Silver Sand crossing Biscay on 2009/07/09.
  17. Newcastle

    On 30-06-2009 I signed off in Trapani - Italy. Newcastle had just few pieces of cargo to discharge and she sailed shortly after I cleared the gangway
1-20 of 21 Results