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  1. Passenger Liners
    N.A.L. (Norwegian America Line) "Lyngenfjord" Colorized by me. Original photo: Bjorn Pedersens collection. I do commissions. [This probably shouldn't be under Passenger Liners, but I can't figure out how to delete it or move it.]
  2. Saga Ruby in Eidfjord

    Beautiful Saga Ruby, ex Vistafjord in the Norwegian Fjords in 2005.
  3. Saga Rose

    Saga Rose at Papeete, Tahiti during a World Cruise on 14th February 2001.
  4. Oslofjord 1957

    A nice shot of Oslofjord calling at Stavanger in 1957.
  5. Vistafjord, Oslo 1997

    Vistafjord in her Cunard period approaching Akershus festning (castle). The lovely little steamer Børøysund (VDS) is outbound in the foreground. The Royal Yacht Norge is visible in front of the Vistafjord.
  6. Saga Ruby

    Saga Ruby, the former Vistafjord of Norwegian America Line leaving the port of Stavanger, Norway. Hopefully we will see her again!
  7. Oslo. Know the folks? (2)

    The ship is the Stavangerfjord, no prizes if you guessed so. But here's one for Mrs Tonga: can she tell the two girls apart? The man above Crown-prince Olav's shoulder I know (it's not written anywhere I swear), that's yacht designer Johan Anker, a good friend of the ''Kromp.''
1-7 of 7 Results