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  1. NAVUA


    Bluff NZ 31/8/1960 First ship to berth at nearly completed island harbour. Own collection print-photo M.Downes
  2. Navua (I)

    Navua (I)

    Completed for USSCo's Pacific Island service. Navua Built: 1904 D.J.Dunlop and Co, Port Glasgow Tonnage: 2,930grt Owners: Union SSCo of NZ 1924: Laid up at Port Chalmers 1927: Sold to the Khedivial Mail& Graving Dock Co, London, r/n Roda 1932: Broken up in Egypt.
  3. Navua


    Prior to the introduction of the "Tarawera" the Union Steam Ship Company employed the little "Navua", of 1,952 gross tons, as a fruit carrier on the island trade for which she was given a white hull, although she also spent time running coal from Westport in this colour scheme.
  4. Navua @ Lyttelton

    Navua @ Lyttelton

    USSCo's NAVUA @ Lyttelton April 1968. Does anyone know the name of the dredger with the tall blue funnel?