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  1. Oriana


    Sorry about the poor quality, recent loft find after 40 years storeage.
  2. Port Said Roads

    Port Said Roads

  3. Unknown


    Somewhere in the North Sea, 1964.
  4. Niceto De Larrinaga

    Niceto De Larrinaga

    At San Francisco, classic error by photographer, me, didn`t wind on from earlier shot, so Alcatraz is visible if you look hard, two for the price of one!! 2nd of todays loft finds, but this was taken first, once again sorry for the quality, only wish todays cameras had been available back then.
  5. Niceto De Larrinaga

    Niceto De Larrinaga

    At San Francisco Nov. 64, completed discharge of cars from Bremerhaven, and removing wooden decking from holds, prior to going inland to load grain at Stockton for Europe. Another find from recent loft tidy! Sorry about the quality, time & storeage has taken it`toll.
  6. Niceto De Larrinaga

    Niceto De Larrinaga

    On charter to Safmarine and carrying their funnel colours, alongside at East London April 1964. One of Clan Line vessels in the background.
  7. Niceto De Larrinaga

    Niceto De Larrinaga

    Belfast August 1964, 2nd of recently found photos.
  8. Elbe


    The ship Elbe was sunk by aircraft from the carrier HMS Eagle 6 June 1941 outside the Azores. All additional information is welcome!


    PRATITA - IMO : 5164112 Built 1954, by HDW Finkenwarder, Hamburg, Germany (Yard # 673) as ISARSTEIN GRT : 6717 / DWT : 9999 Overall Length : 159.0 metres x Beam 19.1 metres. Machinery : 1 Screw driven by steam turbine Speed : 17.5 knots History 1954: ISARSTEIN : Orlanda-Reederei Gmb
  10. Niceto De Larrinaga

    Niceto De Larrinaga

    Loading steel products in Japan for India May 1965 at either Tobata or Osaka, can anyone help to id which of the two ports. Yama****a Shinihon Line charter, discharge ports Madras, Cochin and Bombay. Unknown Japan Line vessel astern.
  11. Deck of "Pennsylvania" showing the Curtiss biplane

    Deck of "Pennsylvania" showing the Curtiss biplane

    Another photo of the ramp installed in NDL's PENNSYLVANIA to test the Curtis Biplane. Since the note provided is "No known restrictions on publication" I assume the photo is now in the Public Domain