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  1. Ship Research
    In 1966 my grandmother travelled around the world on the Banda cargo-passenger liner. During her four months at sea she wrote letters to my grandfather and mother, about the crew (all Dutch), passengers, etc. She also wrote a journal. Her correspondence is focused on food/attire/tourist...
  2. Nedlloyd Seoul

    A beautiful clear morning, looking west across Hong Kongs' Victoria Harbour.

    Entering Otago Harbour.
  4. Nedlloyd Zeelandia

    Nedlloyd Zeelandia on river Elbe
  5. Straat Clarence

    Under Nedlloyd ownership
  6. Heemskerck

    Heemskerck on river Elbe
  7. Nieuw Holland

    previous Randfontein of the VNS
  8. Nedlloyd napier

    Formerly Straat Napier
  9. Nedlloyd Lek?

    A Nedlloyd container ship in Durban. I thought this was Nedlloyd Lek but am no longer 100% sure. Photo was taken probably 1987. Any information?
  10. Bye-bye Nedlloyd- Hello Maersk

    'Nedlloyd Barentsz' gets her new colours at Keppel drydock , Singapore 15/10/2005. Regards,Rick
1-12 of 12 Results