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  1. New Endeavour

    Trainee throwing heaving line as vessel approaches berth.
  2. My son's first command

    Long boat from New Endeavour being towed on Sydney Harbour with a very proud young coxswain.
  3. Entering Sydney Harbour

    New Endeavour returning to Sydney in a bit of a swell.
  4. New Endeavour Sydney Harbour

    A breezy day on the harbour.
  5. New Endeavour

    Under sail off NSW coast.
  6. New Endeavour

    Sailing off the NSW coast. Enroute Newcastle to Sydney.
  7. My son having a trick on the wheel

    My son and myself on the sailing ship New Endeavour Sydney Harbour.
  8. New Endeavour arriving Newcastle NSW

    Barquentine New Endeavour at Newcastle Australia after a voyage from Sydney in the early 1980's
1-9 of 9 Results