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    The market place near the banks of the Mississippi.
  2. New Orleans

    End of trip on Del Mar, pier, New Orleans. Poydras St.
  3. New Orleans

    Flat top #18. Entering New Orleans on the Del Mar.
  4. Boudreaux,Clarence J.

    Do you recognize my Grandfather Clarence? Searching for any info anyone can contribute. Thank You
  5. Port of New Orleans

    The stern-wheel steamer Inter State just departing from its berth next to the tug and barge Anita-D in the port of New Orleans. The picture was taken in the early 1950's. As to the latter vessel, one of her barges, the CC-204, second of a two-barge tow being pushed by the tug Anita-D (overall...
  6. New Orleans

    New Orleans
  7. New Orleans

    New Orleans
  8. New Orleans

    New Orleans
  9. New Orleans

    New Orleans
  10. New Orleans

    Bourbon Street not far from Winter Star, good music, and lots, lots of beer. Never come back.
  11. New Orleans

    The stern wheeler Natchez boomed off after the latest oil spill at New Orleans
  12. New Orleans, steamboat landing.

    From a late 19C allbum - Marvels of America. The cation reads: TO the Northerner, perhaps no sight is more characteristic of the South than that of the levees of New Orleans and the Mississippi steamers that crowd her wharves, with their vast top hamper of cotton bales, sugar cane, and tobacco...
  13. Onboard New Orleans

    Picture taken just before departing for Cuba in the American Spanish war. Built in England for the Brazilian governement as Amazonas. The text beneath the picture informs us that her commander W. M. Folger is one of the navy's best officers. She doesn't seem ready to move in "five minutes time
  14. Charles Lykes

    The Lykes Brothers cargo ship Charles Lykes arriving in Durban.
  15. new orleans

    my first day off in two months , and not a ship in site , tommy likes to stalk the birds and bark at tug boats , and if he knocks my beer over thats a added bounus
  16. lower mississippi river

    a winter sunset just above new orleans
  17. Bienville Street wharf

    New Orleans 1950
  18. Attila

    At nine mile ancorage New Orleans 2004
  19. Sea Cristobal

    nine mile ancorage New Orleans
  20. Perelik Valetta

    nine mile ancorage New Orleans 2004
1-20 of 22 Results